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Guidelines to Write a Great Book

If you are thinking of writing a book, here are some important guidelines that you need to know. When you are writing a book you have to start by writing a story that you would read over and over again. Do not think of a story that will help you sell your book fast. Think of a book that you love reading. Think about the story in the book. May be it is talking about romance mystery or history. Make sure you do not write something that is so different from that.

What you should write what you love most. You may love a certain tone of voice or even characters, and if that is the case, include that in your writing. The idea is to ensure you write what you love. It is easy to bring out a great piece of paper when you write about things that you enjoy reading. It is not easy to come up with a story about something you do not enjoy.

You should begin by listing all the things that are your obsession. Put that list on your desk as you start writing so that they can guide you. As you start y0ur writing, start with a character. Make sure that your character is believable. Give the character freedom to surprise you as that will take the story in a different direction. If the character dies nit surprise you; it may also not surprise the readers. When you take your pen to write, image of a surprising story. You should give your style a compelling challenge, problem or situation. That will propel the character to move forward. The problem should compel the character to do something that will change the future altogether.

The other thing that you should add is to make things happen. A great story is where things are happening, Great characters without action cannot be a great writer. Read through what you are writing and see whether there is an action in each scene. Write something that looks believable. make sure that your story is flowing from the beginning to the end without mixing characters.

Every story you start, you should ensure you end it, Never give up on the story half way. Make sure your story gets to the publishers. Even when you meet some opposition by some publishers, make sure you send it again. Make sure you get it out again and again. As you expect for what you wrote to be released, start another one. Deduce from your experience what will work for you. Through the experiences you go through you will know what is best for you. What you should ensure is that you do not give up.

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