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Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee differs from other types of coffee because of the way that it is prepared. When making Turkish coffee, one requires Arabica coffee beans. Since there will be no filtration of the coffee beans, it is necessary to grind the coffee beans finely. One can always purchase ground Turkish coffee beans if they do not want to do their own grinding of coffee beans. Some people prefer to add spices to their Turkish coffee to increase the flavor of the coffee. Turkish coffee can be taken with or without sugar.

As a guest, one will be asked how they prefer their Turkish coffee and it is up to the host to prepare the coffee according to the preference of the guest. Turkish treats and candy are normally served with Turkish coffee by a host. Turkish coffee is usually served with water which is taken first before one takes their Turkish coffee to rinse their palate. One of the delights of gathering together as a family and friends is that people can be able to share a cup of Turkish coffee. As a sign of respect to the eldest member in a room, they are served Turkish coffee first. Some people also add milk and cream to their Turkish coffee when they drink Turkish coffee.

During the preparation of Turkish coffee, a small pot which is called a cezve is used and it is made of either brass or copper. When brewing the coffee, it is heated over a low flame which allows the foam to build. One should avoid boiling the coffee when one is preparing Turkish coffee because this can alter the flavor of the Turkish coffee. Some people prefer to get rid of the foam severally when they are preparing the Turkish coffee to achieve a specific flavor. Before taking Turkish coffee, it is important to let it sit for a while so that the grounds can go to the bottom of the coffee cup and one can drink the Turkish coffee without the grounds.

One can take their Turkish coffee in small sips since Turkish coffee is strong. After taking one cup of Turkish coffee, one is usually satisfied due to the strong flavor of the coffee and one will not need to take a second cup of coffee.

One can get Turkish coffee at some coffee restaurants. One can find many Turkish coffee blends in the supermarket if they want to make their own. There will always be a slight difference in flavor from the different suppliers of Turkish coffee blends and one can select a flavor that they like when they want to purchase a Turkish coffee blend.

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